Lumalier is a full-service manufacturer with over 47 years experience in the total design, prototype, fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and shipment of proprietary and private-label Ultraviolet germicidal air and surface disinfection products.  Lumalier engineers and manufactures advanced UVGI products for use in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential facilities worldwide.  Every production job, from light commercial UV fixtures to multi-rack industrial projects, undergo rigorous in-house testing before packing and shipment.

Lumalier's product lines are targeted to achieve high-level disinfection in three primary categories:

  • In-duct UVGI products for HVAC installation.
  • Upper-room UVGI products for targeted, high-risk spaces.
  • Advanced portable UVGI products for 3 to 4 log air and surface disinfection.


Lumalier was the first US Company to attain a UL classification for UVGI units as a duct-mounted UV accessory (Code ABQK [Accessories, Air Duct Mounted], UL Standards: 153, 1598 and 1995) and today offers a complete selection of UV germicidal disinfection equipment designed for in-room upper air, in-duct HVAC and surface disinfection.  

Lumalier supports and participates in studies conducted by leading public health institutions and organizations concerned with the control of airborne respiratory illnesses and IAQ, and has been specifically cited in studies commissioned by the CDC, EPA, FEMA, NIOSH, and others.  

Lumalier products provide critical engineering controls to thousands of hospitals, schools, shelters, prisons, government buildings, homes and institutions on every continent.

How we do it

Quality Initiatives:  Lumalier has earned an surpassed reputaion for manufacturing quality-engineered products.  Strict controls are in place to insure ongoing product quality:

  • All manufacturing and assembly-line processes and procedures are documented, printed and referenced on the production / assembly line.
  • All members of each production crew are cross-trained and responsible for maintaining quality initiatives on the line and throughout the plant.
  • All internally manufactured components are built to engineered CAD drawings on file.
  • All produsts are fully assembled and undergo rigorous product testing before shipment (not a statisitical mean, but 100%).
  • All products have Product Specifications, Drawings, BOM, and Assembly Catalogs available.
  • All products and systems are monitored and managed for continuous improvement by our Quality Control staff.

Quality Vision Statement:  Lumalier Corporation is the recognized leader in advanced UV Germicidal Air and Surface Disinfection products designed to benefit the healthcare, educational, institutional, commercial, office and residential markets.  We are the industry bechmark for safe, healthy air and surface disinfection... and have been for over 46 years.  We are committed to excellent customer service through quality design, workmanship, innovative products and services.  All of our products shall be safe and effective for their intended use.  Our product quality shall be accomplished through an effective quality management system encompassing the following 8 principles:  Coustomer Focus, Leadership, Involvement of Our People, Process Approach, Continual Improvement, Factual Approach to Design Making, and Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships.

Production Capabilities and Disaster Recovery Capacities

Contingency plans are in place to meet ongoing production requirements and temporary production spikes in a structured and timely manner.

Ongoing Activity

  • Multiple shift flexibility and cross training insure complete, on-time delivery.

Disaster recovery

  • All product drawings are created in CAD, with backup files stored off-site for quick retrieval.
  • Ongoing reciprocal agreements are in place with local fabrication/ manufacturing shops for component production using off-site Lumalier CAD drawings.

Cost Containment and Improvement

  • Ongoing improvement in product development and design
  • Ongoing purchasing management
  • Ongoing commitment to innovation
  • Leveraging strategic relationships with US and international vendor partners

 Services We Provide

  • Private Labeling
  • Total Ship capabilities and transportation cost containment
  • Seamless Shipping using proprietary packaging, BOM and documentation
  • Barcode, EDI, VMI capabilities
  • Support:
  • Engineering
  • Specification
  • Sales training seminars and 'train the trainer' capability
  • Sales tool creation assistance (sales propositions for business and industry)
  • Phone and field support
Stability, experience, integrity, knowledge, product innovation, industry training, and product R&D... since 1963.

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