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Welcome to Lumalier Corporation

Lumalier is the recognized leader in advanced UV Germicidal Air Disinfection products designed to benefit the Healthcare, Educational, Institutional, Commercial, Office and Residential markets. Lumalier is the industry benchmark for safe, healthy air disinfection and has been for over 47 years.

UVGI is a proven technology that has been employed by hospitals and government agencies for more than 75 years. Recent improvements in the technology have made it affordable and available to everyone.

Lumalier's extensive line of UVGI products offer air and surface disinfection for any application. Our products can be found in homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, shelters, nursing homes, laboratories, food processing plants, penitentiaries and government buildings around the world.

Information about our products, our history, our staff and ultraviolet technology can be found by browsing through our site. If you need more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-800-774-5799 and they will assist you in finding the perfect product for your specific needs.

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