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Lamp Replacement

Every 6 months:

  • Clean the UV lamps with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol if they show signs of dust. A clean UV lamp is crystal clear. Lamps in very clean environments require less frequent cleaning than lamps in dusty environments. If the UV system incorporates reflectors or PCO grids they should be cleaned in the same manner as the lamp

Every 12 months:

  • Remove and replace the UV-C lamps. If you change the lamps yourself, take care to prevent lamp breakage. Disposal of used lamps should be in accordance with local disposal rules for fluorescent lamps.

Competitor Claims of 2 and 3 year – 18000 to 27000 lamp life:

All UV-C lamps begin depreciating in UV output over time, though they will continue to operate for extended periods. At 9000 hours use the Lumalier/Philips lamp will not have depreciated more than 20% and this depreciation is calculated into the initial design of Lumalier equipment for peak efficiency throughout the suggested 9000 hour life of the lamp. Competitors claiming longer lamp life allow for extreme depreciation greatly reducing the effectiveness of the system.

Filter Replacement

Every 6 months:

  • If your Lumalier System is equipped with dust filtration remove and replace the 5” pleated disposable Lumalier pleated filter. The Lumalier 5” IAQ-1 pleated filter designed for this unit is engineered to withstand concentrated UV energy without deterioration if reflectors are properly placed on the UV Lamps . Use of any other filter is not recommended. Unusually high levels of dust or airborne contamination may require more frequent replacement. Place the used filter in an airtight bag for proper disposal.
Photo Catalytic (PCO) Media Replacement

Every 6 months:

  • Remove and replace the 1” Lumalier Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) felt media. PCO neutralizes and removes harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is an important component of a healthy air system. PCO filters require pre-filters and must remain clean for peak performance.

Replacement lamps, filters and service are available from your installing dealer. If you are unable to contact your installing dealer call 1-800-774-5799.