Special Offer for Correctional Facilities

Is your correctional facility ready for the flu, COVID, and other viruses this winter?

As prisons address the current challenges with viruses including the flu and COVID-19, we're pleased to offer a special promotion to help facilities take a layered approach to implementing UVC.

UVC helps to improve IAQ by inactivating environmental pathogens. Less pathogens in the air reduces inmate and staff infection rates. In addition to the health benefits, improved IAQ can impact the facility-wide costs related to treatment. UVC can also be used for surface disinfection to help reduce the spread of germs on surfaces – and using Lumalier’s EDU achieves 99.9% cleaner surfaces in a matter of minutes!

Offer Details

FREE EDU Emergency Disinfection Unit: For purchases of Lumalier In-AHU/In-Duct fixtures and/or Upper-Room/Upper-Air UVC fixtures over $30,000.00, receive a FREE EDU Emergency Disinfection Unit ($4,500 value).

50% OFF Emergency Disinfection Unit: For purchases of Lumalier In-AHU/In-Duct UVC fixtures and/or Upper-Room/Upper-Air UVC fixtures up to $30,000.00, receive 50% off the purchase price of one EDU Emergency Disinfection Unit ($2,250 value).

Additional Offer Details:

  • This offer is available to the first 100 correctional facilities/prisons who make a purchase at the required purchase levels and is for a limited time only.
  • Limit one EDU per facility.
  • Offer ends 3/31/2023 or when the threshold has been met (100 correctional facilities), whichever comes first.
  • Lumalier reserves the right to amend this promotion.

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Correctional Facilities and UVC

Surface & Air Disinfection

EDU Emergency Disinfection Unit

EDU UVC units are portable, high-output, surface and air disinfection fixtures for use in unoccupied spaces.

These units can be used for emergency response or for regular cleanings.

Achieve 99.9% cleaner surfaces in a matter of minutes.

Learn More

Want to learn more about Upper-Air UV?

Upper-air UV fixtures are engineered to provide very targeted airborne pathogen reduction in high-risk areas.

  • Installation applications include lobbies in administrative buildings, hallways, cafeterias, common areas, etc.
  • Units are available for high or low ceilings and for any square footage.
  • Units can be permanently or temporarily installed for flexible space uses.
  • Natural convection-currents create repeated air disinfection within defined spaces. Fan assisted models are available.

Download our published white paper by David Skelton, president of Lumalier, titled "Upper-Room UVGI: An Infectious Disease Control Strategy Whose Time Has Come" to learn more.