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Lumalier is the recognized leader in advanced UV Germicidal Air Disinfection products designed to benefit the Healthcare, Educational, Institutional, Commercial, Office and Residential markets. Lumalier is the industry benchmark for safe, healthy air disinfection and has been for over 47 years.

UVGI is a proven technology that has been employed by hospitals and government agencies for more than 75 years. Recent improvements in the technology have made it affordable and available to everyone.

Commercial HVACIn-Duct Airstream Disinfection Systems are quickly installed and require no expensive modification to the HVAC equipment.

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Residential HVACResidential and Small Commercial Systems transform ventilation systems into whole house/building air cleaning systems.

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Upper Air DisinfectionIn-room systems reduce airborne contagion to very low levels, thus reducing the risk of infection in wards, clinics, schools and other congregate settings.

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Lab and BiotechCritical environments requiring high levels of air and surface disinfection benefit from engineered UV Systems.

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Portable DisinfectionLumalier's portable equipment allows for quick disinfection of room surfaces with measured dose to ensure proper application.

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Emergency ServicesFixed and Portable emergency vehicle disinfection between patient delivery.

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UV MeasurementInstrument grade calibrated UVC meters for accurate readings at extremely high and low intensity levels.

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Replacement LampsReplacment lamps, ballasts and filters to keep your Lumalier system operating at peak efficiency

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