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Federal Government Contracting

Federal Government Contracting Benefits

  • Improve IAQ & Employee Performance
  • Reduce Energy Consumption by 20%, < 2-year ROI
  • Increase AHU Equipment Life
  • Mitigate Risk, Liabilities, and Costs

For all Federal and GSA inquiries, please contact Facilities Development Corporation (FDC).

Matthew D. Frederick 703-863-6161 (cell)

[email protected]

UV Disinfection Products for Federal Contracting

Lumalier/Evergreen UV is proud to offer for our federal government customers a SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses) and ESCOs (Energy Service Company) dedicated to assist in all Federal contracting needs to help in your purchasing process.


  • Task Order Creation for UVC energy efficiency projects and indoor air quality (IAQ) products on existing IDIQs & ESPCs
  • Guiding Principles Compliance professional for project site assessments and expert, turnkey install solutions
  • Educational and awareness conference meetings

GSA Advantage Product Listing

Link to GSA Advantage page.

View Lumalier Products on GSA Advantage product listing.

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UVC for IAQ and Energy Efficiency

In-duct UV Fixtures, such as the Lumalier AR-60 Adjustable Racks, are installed inside air handler units (AHUs) near cooling coils to provide high level, facility-wide IAQ disinfection of the infectious pathogens that can cause respiratory sickness, disease, and worker absenteeism. In-duct fixtures are scalable to fit any size (AHU).

  • Achieves the greatest square foot coverage ($ / Ft2) at the lowest cost option.
  • Uses existing ventilation system to disinfect and distribute air.
  • Eliminates biological growth on coils and in the drain pan that can cause coil fouling, odors, and premature failure of air conditioning equipment.
  • Eliminates biofilm, which increases heat exchange and airflow, reducing AHU energy consumption by about 20%. (Secondary benefit #1: Energy Efficiency)
  • Reduces absenteeism, improves performance, and mitigates risk and liability.(Secondary benefit #2)

UVC For IAQ and Employee Performance

Upper-Air UV Fixtures, such as the Lumalier WM (wall mounted) and CM (corner mounted) fixtures are engineered to provide IAQ / airborne pathogen reduction in very targeted, high-risk areas.

  • Offers an ideal application for installation into reception areas, pharmacies, etc.
  • Accommodates a range of ceiling heights and square footage.
  • Provides options to permanently or temporarily install for flexible space uses.
  • Creates repeated air disinfection within defined spaces through natural convection-currents.

UVC for Risk Management

Mobile Surface-Disinfection UV Fixtures, such as the Lumalier EDU (mobile) or UVS (fixed) units are engineered for disinfection of contaminated surfaces that can spread infection.

  • Provides temporary disinfection of floors, desks, and table surfaces.
  • Offers a solution for disinfection in any area where contaminated surfaces can spread sickness.

Contact us to learn more about our Government contract vehicles and pricing.