AR Series

Our commercial AR (Adjustable Rack) Series UVC Fixtures are:

  • Calculated and scalable for pathogen “neutralization on the fly”
  • Designed for 99.9% coil cleaning
  • Pre-wired at the factory for code compliance and easy install
  • Constructed to be amazingly durable with proprietary extrusion and water-tight connectors
  • Manufactured to be scalable to custom fit any AHU
  • Engineered with nonproprietary lamps and ballasts

AR lamp bars are vertically adjustable to center on cooling coils and horizontally adjustable to avoid motors and other obstacles. They can be perfectly sized to any AHU.

AR Fixture Install
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‘Boxed I-beam’ Aluminum Unistrut Extrusion Construction

Horizontal and vertical adjustable support and lamp structures are rated to support more than 2000 lb. / in2.

Water-proof Electrical Quick-connects

Metal-clad, three-pin modular quick-connects permit fast, easy, installation of any size AR fixture.

Metal-clad Wiring and Connectors

No wire coverings, rubber, plastic, or other degradable within the AHU; meets all local, state and national codes.

Slide-out Fixture Option for Modular AHUs; Removable Option for Walk-in AHUs

Fast, simple tool-less option for easy maintenance and lamp replacement.

Magnetic ‘Proximity’ Door Switches

Magnetic proximity door switches are guaranteed to switch 10,000,000 times to eliminate installation adjustments and service call-back costs.

Accessible Ballasts

Philips / Advance electronic UVC ballasts mount directly to the Unistrut to reduce heat, improve product life, and are enclosed in an easily removable ballast cover for simple maintenance.

Available in the following configurations:

2-10 lamps wide

1-4 rows high

Bulb Sizes Available with the AR Fixtures

60W, 95W

AR series light