Food beverage

Food Industry Benefits

  • Reduce contamination on food surfaces and containers
  • Increase shelf life
  • Reduce end-user liabilities/recalls
  • Promote efficient performance of HVAC equipment with less maintenance
  • Extend equipment lifecycles

Challenges Food and Beverage industries:

  • Spread of infectious agents on surfaces and in the air.
  • Contaminated product cross contamination.
  • Poor indoor air quality decreases worker performance.
  • High energy and maintenance costs.

Identifying the specific spaces and challenges within each space are important in determining which of these solutions or combination of solutions will achieve the best results for the level of pathogen reduction required in food and beverage manufacturing environments, including:

  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Refrigeration
  • Processing and Packaging
  • Automated Lines
  • Floors, Walls and Ceilings
  • Mixing

UVC for IAQ and Energy Efficiency

In AHU & In Duct UV Fixtures

In AHU & In Duct UV fixtures, such as the Lumalier AR Series UVC Fixtures, are installed inside ventilation systems to provide high-level, facility-wide disinfection of the airborne infectious pathogens that can cause respiratory sickness, disease, and infection. In AHU & In Duct fixtures are scalable to fit any size air handler unit (AHU).

  • Achieves the greatest square foot coverage at the lowest cost.
  • Uses the existing ventilation system to disinfect and distribute air.
  • Eliminates biological growth on coils and in the drain pan that can cause coil fouling, odors, and premature failure of air conditioning equipment.
  • Provides facilities with an ROI benefit with reduced energy consumption and maintenance.


Upper-Air UV Fixtures

Upper-air UV fixtures are engineered to provide very targeted airborne pathogen reduction into high-risk areas.

  • Installation applications include administrative offices, food processing spaces, packaging areas, break rooms, etc.
  • Units are available for high or low ceilings and for any square footage.
  • Units can be permanently or temporarily installed for flexible space uses.
  • Natural convection-currents create repeated air disinfection within defined spaces. Fan assisted models are available.

UVC for Risk Management

Surface Disinfection

Surface disinfection UV fixtures are engineered for high-level disinfection of contaminated surfaces that can spread infection.

  • Portable units are ideal for temporary disinfection of floors, desks, and table surfaces after any "student discharge event" (blood, vomit, diarrhea, etc.).
  • Ideal for classrooms, cafeterias, or any area where contaminated surfaces can spread sickness.
  • Also ideal for treatment of difficult-to-disinfect surfaces, such as keyboards, monitors, lab and cafeteria equipment, etc.
  • Surface disinfection units are available in both fixed and portable options.