CM Series

The CM series is for use in small rooms where available wall space is at a premium. The CM fixtures are for use in areas where wall mounting is preferred and the ceiling height is lower. The louvered design of this series allows for the upper-air field of UV to stay in a straight line above the heads of the occupants, allowing for effective pathogen mitigation while maintaining CDC/NIOSH upper-air guidelines.

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  • The CM unit is designed for use in rooms with ceilings 8'-10'.
  • The effective coverage area for the CM-218 unit is 120 sq. feet.
  • Model CM uses 2 Philips PL-L 18W UV lamps.

Model CM uses 2 Philips PL-L 18W UV lamps.

CM-218: Corner-Mount with two 18 W, vertical-mount 9" lamps, 90º light field.

Bulb Sizes Available with the CM Corner Mount