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Hotel Benefits

  • Reduces contamination on surfaces in hotel rooms
  • Mitigates risk of person to person spread within establishments
  • Provides ease of mind to business patrons and customers
  • Reduces end-user liabilities
  • Promotes efficient performance of HVAC equipment with less maintenance
  • Extends equipment lifecycles

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Challenges: Hotel Industry

  • New construction methods
  • Spread of infectious agents on surfaces and in the air
  • Contaminated products, equipment, and high-touch surfaces
  • Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can impact staff performance and sick days used
  • Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can impact guest infection rates and stay experience
  • High energy and maintenance costs

The hotel industry combines three different applications of UV-C. From the beginning of a customer’s stay to the end, hotels can implement use of UV-C energy to help protect customers and staff. UV-C energy can be used to:

  • Help clean rooms, while unoccupied, using surface disinfection units, prior to hospitality teams coming in to complete final preparation for guests.
  • Clean the air of pathogens while while guests are occupying the room.
  • Clean the air of pathogens in high-traffic areas to mitigate the spread of germs to customers and employees in those high-risk areas.

Modern, energy efficient buildings are designed to be airtight. While efficiency is improved, there is less opportunity for fresh outdoor air to enter the building and circulated indoor air to escape the building. This can have a negative impact on indoor air quality, including growth of germs and mold colonies.

Lumalier is dedicated to providing UVC products that contribute to improving environmental conditions. Improved indoor conditions contribute to enhanced employee productivity and reduced absenteeism.

UVC for IAQ and Energy Efficiency

In AHU and In Duct UV Fixtures

In-AHU and In-Duct UV fixtures, such as the ADPL and PRU Series Fixtures, are installed inside ventilation systems to provide high-level, facility-wide disinfection of the airborne infectious pathogens that can cause respiratory sickness, disease, and infection. In-AHU and In-Duct fixtures are scalable to fit any size air handler unit (AHU).

  • Helps to protect guests as they enjoy the facilities during their stay.
  • Achieves the greatest square foot coverage at the lowest cost.
  • Uses the existing ventilation system to disinfect and distribute air.
  • Eliminates biological growth on coils and in the drain pan that can cause coil fouling, odors, and premature failure of air conditioning equipment.
  • Provides facilities with an ROI benefit with reduced energy consumption and maintenance.
  • Helps improve energy efficiency with as much as a 12%-20% energy cost reduction, which can make a real impact on carbon emissions and working towards decarbonization goals.
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Upper-Air UV Fixtures

Upper-air UV fixtures are engineered to provide targeted airborne pathogen reduction in high-risk and high occupancy areas.

  • Natural convection-currents create repeated air disinfection within defined spaces. Fan assisted models are available.
  • Ideal for spaces where large groups of people gather such as; Dining and Bar Areas, Work-out Spaces, Salon and Barber Shop Stations, Check-in/out Lines, Retail Space, Conference rooms, and Lobbies.
  • Units are available for high or low ceilings and for any square footage.
  • Units can be permanently or temporarily installed for flexible space uses.

UVC for Risk Management

Surface Disinfection

Surface disinfection UV fixtures are engineered for high-level disinfection of contaminated surfaces that can spread infection.

  • Portable units are ideal for temporary disinfection of floors and table surfaces in individual rooms as part of the cleaning process.
  • Ideal for any area where contaminated surfaces can spread sickness.

In AHU & In Duct Disinfection