WM Series

The WM series fixtures are for use in areas where wall mounting is preferred and the ceiling height is lower. The louvered design of this series allows for the upper-air field of UV to stay in a straight line above the heads of the occupants, allowing for effective pathogen mitigation while maintaining CDC/NIOSH upper-air guidelines.

WM236 light 2
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  • This unit is designed for rooms where ceilings are 8'-10'.
  • The effective coverage area for the WM-136 is 240 sq. feet, and the WM-236 is 480 sq. feet.

Model WM uses either 1 or 2 Philips PL-L 36W UV lamps.

  • WM-136: Wall-Mount with one 36W, horizontal-mount 16" lamp, 120º light field.
  • WM-236: Wall-Mount with two 36W, horizontal mount 16" lamps, 120º light field

Bulb Sizes Available with the WM Wall Mount