ASD Series

Surface (unoccupied) & air (occupied) hybrid disinfection fixtures are for targeted disinfection of high-risk areas.

The ASD fixture is an advanced, dual-purpose air and surface disinfection unit engineered for overall pathogen load reduction.

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  • Provide high-level, passive airborne pathogen reduction into high-risk occupied spaces.
  • Treat all surfaces to achieve high-log surface (fomite) decontamination in unoccupied spaces.
  • Are simple-to-operate, wall-mounted fixtures that easily replace expensive, roll-in, portable surface disinfection robots with a simple, labor-free system.
  • Optional motion sensors.
  • Optional control panel, with timers.

ASD-136/195: Occupied upper air; one 36W lamps, unoccupied surface one 95W lamps, ceiling mount into unoccupied open areas.

ASD-236/295: Occupied upper air; two 36W lamps, unoccupied surface two 95W lamps, ceiling mount into unoccupied open areas.

Bulb Sizes Available for the ASD Units

36W, 95W