UVS Series

The UVS units are designed for personal work space and station cleaning.

  • Ideal for desks, clean rooms, laboratories, computer stations, and pharmaceutical.
UVS product
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  • Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum
  • All units feature specular reflectors for increased UV-C efficiency
  • 36 to 72 UV watts output and designs to meet various disinfection requirements
  • 9000 hour lamp life
  • Solid state electronic ballast for low energy use, reliability, and operational safety.
  • Philips Germicidal Sterilamp® tubes for reliable lamp availability and cost efficient replacement, PL-L 36W TUV, have no more than 4.5 mg mercury content and produce no ozone.
  • 120 through 277 V AC 50/60 Hz operation



Bulb Sizes Available for the UVS