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Engineering Mitigations Limit Infection from COVID-19

A recent article by Renee Thomas and Nathaniel Jones on Consulting Specifying Engineer ( includes important information about UGVI use and reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the mechanism of spread of airborne respiratory pathogens.
  • Explain how UVGI can mitigate the spread of airborne infectious disease.
  • Describe the process of simulating UVGI disinfection via UV radiometry and CFD and how UVGI technologies are best applied.

Consulting Specifying Engineer

Engineering mitigations limit infection from COVID-19

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiance (UVGI) has the ability to make buildings and indoor spaces healthier for their occupants by significantly reducing the spread of COVID-19 and future airborne respiratory viruses.

By Renee Thomas and Nathaniel Jones January 24, 2022

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Author Bio: Renee Thomas is a licensed professional architect at Arup, and is an award-winning architectural lighting designer with more than 25 years of experience. Nathaniel Jones is a senior consultant at Arup where he advises architects, engineers and building owners on how to provide safety and comfort to occupants inside and around buildings.