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Improving IAQ in K-12 Schools – HVAC Impact

Working with school administrators, engineers, and contractors to identify the best solutions that will support the reopening and continued operations of schools is a top priority for many. Getting the information about recently announced funding and resources and the best solutions into the hands of those who can initiate and commit to the improvement projects is critical as we all move forward.

Making a Difference

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through upgrades and improvements to HVAC systems.
  • Following guidelines and recommendations to create safer conditions through a reduction in airborne and surface infectious pathogens.
  • Delivering the products that provide the best solutions – our solutions are proven and effective – and our products are made in the USA!

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Recent government funding, as it relates to HVAC:

These funds help states and school districts respond to coronavirus, including new allowable uses of funds for school facilities repairs and improvements, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems projects to improve indoor air quality in school facilities.

Health & Safety

Improvements in HVAC systems can contribute to healthier and safer indoor spaces for students, teachers, administrators and other school system employees, parents, volunteers, and others.

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