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Travel Series: Questions About UVC from the Road

Ashley Shipley, Subject Matter Expert at Lumalier, spent a few weeks on the road in early 2023 visiting customers and reps across the Northeast.

This article includes questions she heard on the road, and we’re also sharing some of the photos she took along the way!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Improve IAQ

Question: Can UVC disinfect in an airstream?

UVC in an Airstream

Valley Forge

Valley Forge Lumalier Travel Series

While there was never a battle at Valley Forge, sadly diseases like in­fluenza and typhoid killed nearly 2,000 people during the encampment ( Mitigating the spread of disease in high-risk areas where there are a large number of people or where sick people are being treated continues to be a challenge, even today. Utilizing upper-air UVGI and portable surface and air UVC fixtures in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and even school nurses’ stations, can help to mitigate person-to-person spread and disinfect surfaces where germs can spread through touch.

Question: How do you help mitigate the spread of germs in areas where there is a high risk of person-to-person spread or risk of spread through touching surfaces?

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Niagara Falls

Travel Series Niagara Falls

Did you know? Niagara Falls is capable of producing over 4 million kilo­watts of electricity (clean energy), which is shared by the United States and Canada. On the topic of things that are good for the planet, did you also know that in-duct UVC improves energy efficiency of HVAC equipment, helping facilities with their decarboniza­tion goals?

Question: How does in-duct UVC improve energy efficiency and contribute to decarbonization?

Decarbonization and UVC

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