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TVA EnergyRight: Helping Businesses Stay Protected & Productive with UVGI

From hospitals to hair salons, EnergyRight is incentivizing businesses served by TVA to use UVGI technology to help employers, employees and customers stay safe.

Lumalier’s In-duct UVC Fixtures

Lumalier is the trusted authority in advanced UV Germicidal Disinfection products engineered to benefit any industry and a broad range of applications. Our client-driven, science-based approach has made us the industry benchmark for safe, healthy air disinfection for over 50 years.

AR Fixture Install

Lumalier AR UVC Fixture

Provide high-level, facility-wide disinfection of the airborne infectious pathogens that can cause respiratory sickness, disease, and infection.

Achieve the greatest square foot coverage at the lowest cost.

Use the existing ventilation system to disinfect and distribute air.

EnergyRight Incentive Program

To encourage businesses to incorporate in-duct UVGI technology in their buildings, EnergyRight is offering an incentive program to qualified applicants. As part of this effort, EnergyRight has provided information about Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and how businesses can apply for an EnergyRight incentive.

Included in the TVA document

  • An overview of UVGI technology
  • How a UVGI system may be installed in an existing HVAC system
  • Factors to consider for achieving best outcomes
  • Considerations, instructions, and requirements for incentive applications
  • UVGI safety tips and recommendations

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As the United States’ largest government-owned energy provider, the Tennessee Valley Authority is committed to carrying out their mission to make life better for the 10 million people they serve. The TVA EnergyRight program partners with local power companies to help customers make smart energy decisions and save money. That effort includes providing Valley businesses with tools and resources to help keep employees and customers healthy and safe, a concern that is currently at the forefront for business owners.