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Why Retrofit UV-C in Your Building?

UVC light fixtures are an effective way to inactivate viruses like COVID-19 in a building's air handling system. Retrofitting UV-C in your building can help keep occupants safe and healthy and save you money. Lumalier products are specifically engineered for retrofitting into existing AHUs.

Benefits include:

  • Inactivates pathogens such as COVID-19, Influenza A and B, Staph, Legionella, and Tuberculosis.
  • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ) and aids in reduction of sick days/ absenteeism.
  • Mitigates risks, liabilities, and costs.
  • Eliminates insulating biofilm to improve heat exchange and air flow, which has been proven to reduce Air Handling Unit (AHU) energy consumption by about 20%.
  • Reduces AHU workload and improves efficiencies and increases equipment life.
  • Eliminates biological growth on coils and in the drain pan that can cause coil fouling and odors.
  • Achieves a measurable return on investment (ROI) within one to three years. (Based on usage and energy costs.)
  • Avoids unsustainable UVC lamp replacement costs with Lumalier’s non-proprietary Philips lamps.
  • Provides a key component of HVAC Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).
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AHU Fixture Install

We have years of experience in turnkey retrofit installations and can provide solutions that benefit each specific application and project requirement.

View Brochure: Why Retrofit UV-C in Your Building?

  1. Water-proof Electrical Quick-connects: Metal-clad, three-pin modular quick- connects permit fast, easy, installation of any size AR fixture, substantially reducing electrical contractor costs.
  2. Accessible Ballasts: Philips / Advance electronic UVC ballasts mount directly to the Unistrut to reduce heat, improve product life, and are enclosed in an easily
    removable ballast cover for simple maintenance.
  3. Metal-clad Wiring and Connectors: No wire coverings, rubber, plastic, or other degradable within the AHU; meets all local, state and national codes.
  4. ‘Boxed I-beam’ Aluminum Unistrut Extrusion Construction: Horizontal and vertical adjustable support and lamp structures are rated to support more than 2000 lb. / in2.
  5. AR Fixtures are Scalable to Custom-fit into Any Size AHU: AR (Adjustable Rack) lamp bars are vertically adjustable to center on cooling coils, and horizontally adjustable to avoid motors and other obstacles. Available two to ten lamps wide; one to four rows high, perfectly sized to any AHU.