Celebrating 60 Years of Innovation While Focused on the Future of UVC

(Memphis, Tennessee) January 26, 2023 – From helping the CDC mitigate tuberculosis and responding to the call to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to assisting FEMA with growing health concerns after Hurricane Katrina, Lumalier has been on the forefront of innovation for 60 years, and the company is not slowing down. Founded in 1963, Lumalier has progressed the engineering, manufacturing, and science of germicidal UVC technology to inactivate the infectious pathogens that contaminate the surfaces we touch and the air we breathe. These pathogens can cause sickness and disease.

Today, beyond contributing to indoor air quality (IAQ), Lumalier UVC for in-duct and upper air products promote energy efficiency within a building and significantly impact decarbonization efforts by facility managers and building owners.

For decades, Lumalier products have become the industry benchmark for safe, healthy air and surface disinfection, and Lumalier was the first UV manufacturer to attain UL approval for duct-mounted UV accessories (UL classification ABQK).

Ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of airborne respiratory sickness and disease have earned Lumalier recognition by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies.

“Lumalier has worked with many notable organizations,” shares David Skelton, president, Lumalier. “In the 1980s, Lumalier partnered with the CDC to work on improving the upper air designs from the 1930s to help mitigate the spread of tuberculosis around the world. And in 2005, Lumalier responded to a FEMA request for air disinfection equipment to help stop growing health concerns caused by environmental contamination in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina during the clean-up efforts.”

Over the years, Skelton has represented Lumalier on many important committees and boards. His roles have included past Chairman of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) TC-2.09, UV Air and Surface Disinfection; ASHRAE Subject Matter Expert (SME), published-data peer-reviewer; and Voting Member, Underwriters Laboratory UL, STP 60335-2-40 Standards Committee.

Lumalier's advanced UV germicidal disinfection products are engineered to benefit the healthcare, educational, office, institutional, commercial, retail, and residential markets. With COVID-19, the company’s reputation and track-record drove heightened demand for its pathogen control products in environments ranging from hospitals and airports to classrooms and prisons.

In addition to pathogen control, Lumalier’s products are used to improve energy efficiency, the first step in decarbonization. Skelton shares, “The use of in-duct/in-AHU UVC keeps coils clean. It restores Delta-T and thermal efficiency, improves air flow, and reduces static pressure and fan amperage to achieve 12%-20% energy cost reduction, which is especially important as we all look for ways for buildings to be more energy efficient and reduce the impact on the planet.”

According to ASHRAE’S Task Force for Building Decarbonization, jurisdictions globally are confronting climate change and recognizing that building decarbonization is an important component in their efforts. The worldwide building sector accounts for about 40% of energy-related carbon emissions and buildings remain a major sector that lacks sufficient mitigation policies.

“After celebrating this 60-year milestone, the company is focused on its future impact on both indoor environments and the greater global environment,” shares Ashley Shipley, S.M.E., Lumalier. “As buildings are designed and retrofitted to be more energy-efficient, which is important from an environmental impact, we are also creating an incubator for mold and bacteria to thrive in airtight buildings. This creates IAQ challenges, and UVC is a solution that can address both the energy being used within a building and the ability to improve IAQ for healthier, safer indoor air. It is exciting to be positioned to make a difference.”

About Lumalier

Lumalier is the trusted authority in advanced UV Germicidal Disinfection products engineered to benefit any industry and a broad range of applications. Our products include in-duct/in-AHU, in-room UVC, and surface disinfection fixtures. Our client-driven, science-based approach has made us the industry benchmark for safe, healthy air disinfection since 1963. Learn more at www.Lumalier.com.