Lumalier Featured in Daily Memphian Article

Daily Memphian Publication

The Daily Memphian published, "Memphis' Lumalier rides power of UV to disinfect, cut carbon," on February 14, 2023.

The article, written by Jane Roberts, highlights Lumalier's 60-year history, the impact of Covid on the growth of the business as people look for ways to control outbreaks, and the ability for UV to help reduce carbon emissions.

Featured in the article are David Skelton, president of Lumalier, and Ashley Shipley, S.M.E. Speaking to the company's client-driven, science-based approach, Skelton shared,"We actually can customize the amount of UV that we’re injecting into your HVAC system to give you a per-pass kill rate on the contaminants that concern you. We can do with great certainty. So, it’s not just one size fits all at all."

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