City of Birmingham Project

City of Birmingham

Clean Coils = Better Performance

Lumalier worked on an ESPC project for the City of Birmingham which included a majority of the city-owned buildings in and around Birmingham. Lumalier was chosen for turnkey UV retrofit solutions on six large existing AHUs.

The goal was to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and AHU coil performance while also implementing a sustainable O&M process for coil cleaning. The UVC systems provide the city of Birmingham buildings with coil cleaning 24/7/365 and improvement in HVAC air quality for the occupants of these buildings.

Project Details

  • 6 Large AHU Systems
  • 7 total UV systems (1 AHU was so large it needed 2 racks)
  • 97 total UV lamps


  • Coil Cleaning – Energy Savings
  • IAQ

Project Results

City of Birmingham Results

URV-11 retrofit installation resulted in:

• 24/7/365 Coil Cleaning

• Drain Pan Cleaning

• 75% Pathogen Reduction of Indoor Air

• Increased HVAC Efficiency

• Extended Life-Cycle of HVAC

• Reduced Airborne Pathogens Results in Cleaner Air

• 6-8% Energy Savings (estimated)

• Sustainable O&M Coil Cleaning Process