GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant

GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant

UVGI in Action

The GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant, production site of GM’s iconic Chevrolet Corvette, installed UVGI into their existing HVAC units as part of an energy-efficiency improvement project. The addition of UVGI will not only help improve HVAC efficiency and bring down energy costs, it will also reduce HVAC maintenance costs. In addition, implementing UVGI improves indoor air quality (IAQ), which is proven to reduce worker absenteeism and increase performance.

In addition to these long term benefits, with the help of TVA’s EnergyRight UVGI incentive program, they were able to offset a significant portion of the project costs.

Client & Project Profile

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Air Handling Unit Retrofit
Lumalier AR Series UVC Fixtures
Result: Improved Energy Efficiency and Reduced HVAC Maintenance Costs

Beyond Energy Efficiency - Disinfection Benefits

Based on the dimensions and the speed of the air moving through the air handler, Lumalier designed a system that is producing well over 2000 microwatts per centimeter squared, which has been proven to be extremely effective in inactivating SARS viruses and many other pathogens.

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