Kenton County School District

Less energy use, less risk, better IAQ!

When publicity about high costs and litigation due to mold contamination in neighboring states reached Kenton County School District’s energy manager, the district became concerned, even though they had never experienced a mold problem. With each school managing its own AHU maintenance, some AHU coils were regularly serviced while others were deferred. The solution? KCS contracted Lumalier, as part of an ESPC, to install UVC into its schools. The results: elimination of coil cleaning, reduced energy consumption, mitigation of mold concerns and liability, and improved overall indoor air quality (IAQ).

Project & Client Profile


  • 187 air handlers
  • 13 K-12 public schools
  • 776 Philips lamps
  • Elimination of coil cleaning
Kenton project


  • Kenton County School District
  • Kenton County, Kentucky
  • Occupants:
  • Ages 3 to 60 years old

Project Results

URV-13 Retrofit Installation resulted in:

  • 95-99% Pathogen Reduction of Indoor Air
    (Healthcare/Medical Grade Disinfection)
  • 95% Cost Savings on Coil and Drain Pan cleaning
  • Mitigated Risks, Reduced Costs and Liability from
    Mold Contamination
  • Low Cost of Ownership with Non-Propriatary Lamps
  • Increased Efficiency and Extended Life-Cycle of HVAC System
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