Methodist Hospital Germantown Project Feature

Methodist Hospital Germantown

All UV products are not the same!

Lumalier UVC products are rated URV-13, which eliminates up to 97% of all airborne pathogens, significantly reduces surface pathogen levels, keeps coils clean, reduces energy requirements, and improves effectiveness and lifespan of HVAC systems.

Project: Methodist Hospital Germantown

Location: Germantown, TN


309 Bed Full-Service Hospital

Leadership in Energy Efficient Design Gold Certification, U.S. Green Building Council, U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR certification

Project Details

32 Air Handlers

32 UV Fixtures

223 Lamps

URV-13 Rated System

One-month project

Project Results

Methodist Hospital Results

URV-13 Retrofit Installation Resulted in:

  • Estimated 100% ROI in 5 Years
  • Low Cost of Ownership with Non-Propriatary Lamps
  • 95-99% Pathogen Reduction of Indoor Air (Healthcare/Medical Grade Disinfection)
  • 95% Cost-Savings on Coil Cleaning
  • 80% Cost-Savings on Drain/Pan Cleaning
  • Increased Efficiency and Extended Life-Cycle of HVAC System