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University of Memphis

Energy Savings and Healthier Air

Based upon ASHRAE publications that listed UVC as a best practice for IAQ/significant energy savings and EPA studies that showed a correlation between IAQ and increases in student attendance and performance, the University of Memphis contracted Lumalier to install UVC throughout its campus.

Even with all 37 on-campus buildings retrofitted under an ESPC project, with highest level of pathogen reduction, URV-13, the University of Memphis saw a ROI in only 4 years, and as of 2009, the energy cost savings on HVAC has been over $125,000 per year.

Project update: Since the initial project in 2009, the University of Memphis has added several buildings to its properties, including many with in-AHU UVC from Lumalier.

Client: The University of Memphis

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Project type: ECM retrofit project

Buildings aged 1 to 28 years (as of the date of the project)

Project Details:

161 air handlers

37 On-campus Buildings

983 Philips lamps

University of Memphis UV Coils

Project Results

URV-13 Retrofit Installation Resulted in:

• 100 % ROI in 4 Years (in energy savings alone)

• 95-99% Pathogen Reduction of Indoor Air (Healthcare/Medical Grade Disinfection)

• 95% Cost Savings on Coil and Drain Pan cleaning

• Substantial IAQ Improvement with a Reduction in Airborne Pathogens as well as Odors

• Increased Efficiency and Extended Life-Cycle of HVAC System

• Low Cost of Ownership with Non-Propriatary Lamps