Our VFCU air disinfection system utilizes 254nm UVC light and is for use in small vertical fan coil and heat pump systems.

  • Offers a smaller profile for narrow and confined spaces.
  • Allows for easy installation and access for maintenance in the future.
  • Eliminates chemical coil cleaning and helps to maintain/increase efficiency of the coil and system.
  • Reduces biological contaminants and growth.
  • Provides improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and pathogen mitigation.
VFCU UVC product
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VFCU-135: One 35 W, High Output 9" lamp, 180 degree disinfection

VFCU-160: One 60 W, High Output 16" lamp, 180 degree disinfection

VFCU-195: One 95 W, High Output 21" lamp, 180 degree disinfection

Bulb Sizes Available with This Series

9” 35W lamp, 16” 60W lamp, 21” 95W lamp