Our VFCU air disinfection system utilizes 254nm UVC light and is for use in small vertical fan coil and heat pump systems.

  • Offers a smaller profile for narrow and confined spaces.
  • Allows for easy installation and access for maintenance in the future.
  • Eliminates chemical coil cleaning and helps to maintain/increase efficiency of the coil and system.
  • Reduces biological contaminants and growth.
  • Provides improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and pathogen mitigation.
VFCU UVC product
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VFCU-135: One 35 W, High Output 9" lamp, 180 degree disinfection

VFCU-160: One 60 W, High Output 16" lamp, 180 degree disinfection

VFCU-195: One 95 W, High Output 21" lamp, 180 degree disinfection

Bulb Sizes Available with This Series

9” 35W lamp, 16” 60W lamp, 21” 95W lamp

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet TUV PL L 35 W Safety Data Sheet TUV PL L 60 W Safety Data Sheet TUV PL L 95 W