Team Member Highlights - Lumalier's 60-Year Anniversary

We're Celebrating 60 Years!

Founded in 1963 to develop advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology and products, Lumalier has progressed the engineering, manufacturing, and science of germicidal UVC technology, for surface, upper-air, and in-duct disinfection.

Throughout this year, we'll be featuring the PRODUCTS, PROJECTS, and PEOPLE that have helped to make Lumalier the industry leader over the past 60 years and how we're focused on the future of UVC!

Lumalier TM Eric Hardy v1

Eric Hardy, Fabrication Lead, shares his thoughts on the products, products, and people at Lumalier.

Is there a particular project that you worked on that was memorable/ exciting or meant a lot to you?

The MWAA airport project in 2021. To see our product in such an important city and airport made me proud.

How do you think Lumalier products make a difference?

For many years, UVC has helped with human health and wellness. Now it's more popular and gaining traction in everyday use, so I feel that we will continue to improve others' lives.

Was there a product launch/innovation that you found exciting?

The improvements that we made to our AR products. They are designed with the customer in mind.

What makes the Lumalier team so special to work with?

Many of us who work here have been here for years. We are a family, we are loyal, and we work together.