Working Toward Building Decarbonization

In-AHU UVC and the Impact on Energy Efficiency

Lumalier Decarbonization News Feature

Celebrate Earth Month all year long with reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions. Decarbonization is a growing and important topic today for businesses, building owners, and leading industry organizations like ASHRAE.

Lumalier's in-AHU UVC systems can help improve energy efficiency with as much as a 12%-20% energy cost reduction, which in addition to cost savings, can make a real impact on carbon emissions tied to energy use.

In-AHU UVC Works in New or Retrofit AHUs

Whether you are installing new AHUs or retrofitting existing units, the addition of in-AHU UVC can not only improve indoor air quality (IAQ), it can make a difference for the planet and provide an impressive ROI.

Coil Cleaning Benefits of In-AHU UVC

Coil Cleaning Before and After

Did you know installing Lumalier's AR Series UVC fixtures helps to keep AHU coils clean 24/7/365?

Benefits of coil cleaning:

  • Restores Delta-T and thermal efficiency, improves air flow, reduces static pressure and fan amperage to achieve 12%-20% energy cost reduction / 3 to 5 year energy ROI.
  • Reduces CO2. Annual KWH savings / 1425 = metric ton reduction of CO2.
  • Generates greater condensate volume to lower Relative Humidity (RH%) in the facility.