Lee Health projects

Lee Health Regional Cancer Center

As part of their ongoing relationship with Lee Health, the Tom Barrow Company Fort Myers team is working on a new project with their Regional Cancer Center. Lee Health is one of the largest public health systems in the U.S. and one of the largest not-for-profit public health systems and Safety Net Hospitals in Florida that receives no direct tax support.

Client and Project Profile

Location: Lee Health, Regional Cancer Center, Ft. Myers, Florida

Representative: Tom Barrow Company, Ft. Myers Branch

Application: Air Handling Units Retrofit

Products: Lumalier AR Series UVC Fixtures

Lee Health currently uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) inside of their air-handling units in close vicinity to the cooling coils, which inactivates viruses and other pathogens. Some of the many benefits of installing UVGI fixtures in HVAC units include:
  • Eliminates insulating biofilm to improve heat exchange and air flow, which has been proven to reduce Air Handling Unit (AHU) energy consumption by about 20%
  • Removes biological growth on coils and drain pans that can cause coil fouling and odors
  • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ) resulting in less sick days, absenteeism, and infections
  • Mitigates risks, liabilities, and costs
  • Promotes efficient performance of the Air Handling Unit (AHU) by reducing the workload and increasing equipment life
  • Reduces HVAC maintenance costs as routine coil cleaning is eliminated
Lee Health and AR series

Lee Health’s Regional Cancer Center reached out to the Tom Barrow Company Fort Myers office to discuss upgrading their UVGI systems. The team presented Lumalier’s AR Series of UVGI fixtures. After learning about the AR Series, Lee Health determined this was the product they would like to have installed. A few of the important features and benefits include:

  • Application-based design
  • Heavy-duty aluminum boxed I-beam frame construction
  • Non-proprietary UV-C lamps
  • Chill-corrected UV-C lamps prevent derate when installed in a cold airstream
  • Waterproof, marine-grade electrical quick-connects
  • Magnetic “proximity” door switches
  • Metal-clad wiring and connectors
  • Simple installation
  • Factory training for their installers
  • Scalability allows UVGI dosage to be easily increased if necessary
  • Standardization through the use of the same lamps in all AR Series fixtures

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