CDU Series

The CDU upper air diffuser unit combines dynamic and passive UV-C disinfection for high-risk areas. This unit is engineered to use existing 2x2 supply diffuser or use an internal fan along with upper air UVC for stand alone, high rate pathogen reduction.

CDU 2x2
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  • This fixture is designed to install into a suspended ceiling grid T-bar system, flush mounted to ceiling (hardwired), or cable-suspended.
  • Six foot pre-wired 3-conductor flex-conduit. Optional cord with plug.
  • Black louver assembly. Disinfected and deodorized air exits through here. UV beam also exits out to disinfect upper room air.
  • Four high output PL-L35WTUV lamps, wind chill corrected.

  • 2x2 supply vent: Drop-ceiling, 360º light field, 1200 sq. ft. disinfection, ceiling, height 8' +.

Bulb Sizes Available with the 2x2 CDU 435


Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet TUV PL L 35 W
CDU 2x2 product image