What are the Benefits of a Layered UVC Approach?

Lumalier's comprehensive range of UVC solutions offer three protection strategies for reducing infectious pathogens and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in all types of buildings including offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, retail and restaurants, hotels, and others.

Layered UVC Approach to Buildings

Benefits of a layered approach:

  • Improves overall indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Mitigates person-to-person and surface pathogen transmission risks.
  • Provides a solution for emergency disinfection and treatment of difficult to disinfect surfaces.
  • Promotes efficient performance of HVAC equipment with less maintenance.
  • Extends HVAC equipment lifecycles.

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Product Features: 3 Layers of Protection

#1 HVAC / In-AHU and In-Duct Disinfection

High-level, Facility-wide Disinfection and Coil Cleaning

AR Series UVC Installed in AHU

Our AR Series UVC fixtures are engineered for effective coil cleaning and improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and are scalable to custom fit any AHU.

#2 Upper Air Disinfection

Targeted Pathogen Reduction in High-Risk Occupied Spaces

CDU Upper-Air UVC

The CDU series upper-air UVC units combine dynamic and passive UVC disinfection and are engineered for use in areas where there is high risk of pathogen spread. The CDU is certified to meet UL8802 standards for occupant safety. Optional air destratification model available.*

*Patent Pending

#3 Surface Disinfection

Disinfection of Surfaces in Unoccupied Spaces

EDU-C Surface Disinfection

EDU-C Series units are designed to be economical, easy-to-use, and convenient to move from space to space within a facility needing portable UVC disinfection for emergency response or regular cleanings.